Fiscal Responsibility

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Blame Congress

The US federal budget is the primary responsibility of Congress. If there are fraud, waste, bureaucratic inefficiencies, misappropriations, deficit spending, insufficient funding or inaction, Congress is to blame. Every department answers to Congress. The IRS acts on behalf of Congress. Government operations from the President and the military on down have their budget set by Congress. So the next time you hear your Congressman blame somebody else for the federal government's budget woes, remind him that it is his job and his responsibility, not somebody else's. Hold him accountable.


Debits and credits must match. If I spend more than I make, I have to make up the difference with debt. If I cannot survive on what I am currently making, I need to find a better paying job. If I am running a business, spending money to improve production or improve sales might result in profitable growth. If my business is floundering and I cut marketing or production to save money, I will shrink my business out of existence.  The US economy is like a giant business. The government manages that business. We want the economy to grow at a moderate pace which means spending money in areas that produce growth while collecting revenue in ways that do not stifle growth. It is all a matter of balance.