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The lesser evil!

Are you frustrated? Does it seem like, come election time, you are always stuck choosing between two candidates, neither of which you really want? It's because, by the time the general election rolls around, Party insiders and the wealthy donor-class have already selected who they want. Your vote is a formality to affirm their selection. If you live in Republican majority district, you get the Republican's selection. If you live in a Democratic district you get the Democrat's selection. Unless we change our behavior, voting is just an exercise in futility. So what can you do?

The Primary Dance!

Congressional district contested primaries are often decided by 5% or less of registered voters. This presents a great opportunity for "outsider" candidates to crash the "Party." Outsider candidates with the support of 5% of voters, getting a little earned media and social media, could easily beat the incumbent or the establishment pick. You can be part of the change by doing the Primary Dance.

Don't be Distracted!

The Issue is not the issues. The Issue is the rigged political system. If we play the "partisan issues game," set up by the wealthy elite and political insiders to distract us, we lose. We need to support candidates who reject money and reject the Party lies. We want an ethical populist centrist who shows respect for people. Such a candidate will work for all people not just a loud radical minority.  Find a candidate you can trust, not just one who spews compelling rhetoric. 

It's a Flashmob!

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What if 5% -10% of registered voters, organized through social media, turn out to vote in the primary?  An election day "flashmob" for the outsider candidate rather than the establishment's candidate would turn the election on it's head! Then, no more "lesser evil." The people would have a real choice. The majority party would be faced with supporting the "outsider" candidate. Wouldn't that be fun?