Mob Justice

Lady Justice.jpg

I am often asked whether I believe the accuser or the accused? It's not fair to ask such a question. Should I side with the pretty young blond or the scrubby black man? I believe there are three sides to every story. There is the side told by the accuser, the side told by the accused, and the truth. I want to believe the truth. When the truth is unknown, I cannot side with the accused nor the accuser.

It is well known that everyone accused of wrongdoing denies guilt. It is just as well known that eyewitness testimony is unreliable and false memories are common. What people say is just as likely a lie, or incorrect, as valid. 

I would rather see a guilty person go free than an innocent person be condemned. I believe in "innocent until proven guilty." 

We seem to have developed a social justice system where the most popular opinion is deemed truth. It is deeply disturbing to me that the fate of a human being might be determined by the number of Facebook "likes." 

Recent polling found some disturbing uncertainty among Americans regarding the sexual abuse issue. Eighty percent of Americans believe sexual abuse is pervasive in our society. An equal number believe false accusations are commonplace. A third of women worry they will be a sexual abuse victim. An equal number of men worry they will be falsely accused.  

Everyone, including the media, must STOP inciting lynch-mob mentality, step back, and look for truth.