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Candidacy Announcement

Jim Evans will announce his plan to file as a candidate in the Republican Primary to represent the people of Missouri’s Seventh District in the United States House of Representatives.

Jim is a fifth-generation Ozarker who graduated from Republic High School and MSU, grew up on a dairy farm, served in the Army, operated a cattle farm, and taught math in local public schools. Jim knows our history and cares about our future.

Jim was raised in a conservative home by hard-working Depression-era parents.  He voted straight Republican for over 20 years. He loves politics; has worked in campaigns, ran for office, never misses a vote, and gained some notoriety for expressing what some might refer to as “robust opinions.”

Money is ruining government! Jim decided to run as a “Freelance” candidate to emphasize that he will not be working for any party, PAC, special interest group, union, wealthy donor, or corporation. Jim strongly believes the corrupting influence of big-money is serious and broadly recognized problem. True to his beliefs – Jim will not take big-money, seek endorsements, or accept contribution over $100. “We cannot elect representatives who rely on big-money, then expect them to make laws limiting money.”

Domestic Tranquility? Jim supports a non-partisan approach because identity politics and partisan “divide and conquer” strategies have created tribalistic polarization that is destroying friendships and ripping apart families and communities. Government “By the People” cannot function in an angry, no-compromise environment. Jim rejects partisan agendas and wants, instead, to help build consensus around non-partisan solutions. “We cannot elect candidates who use hateful divisive campaigns to win, then expect them to ‘work together’ to build a better country.”

The truth will set us free! Jim’s campaign will be completely open and honest. There will be no secret agendas or hidden strategies. Political campaigns, politicians, and the media have desecrated freedom of speech with alternative facts, deceptive marketing, and slanderous behavior. Political lying has spilled over into the media.  A recent Gallup survey found only 21% trusted the news and Congress scored an abysmal 9%.  “We cannot elect candidates who ‘bend the truth’ to win, then expect them be honest representatives and ethical statesmen.”

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Jim wants honest, open government where people work together to solve problems and corrupt behavior is punished.  Jim’s counter-culture campaign is the change he wants to see in politics. “We must let our values shape our politics instead of letting politics tarnish our values.”

Later Event: November 18
Flipping Politics on its Head