Political Ideology


An authentic platform must rest on solid ideological footing.                                               
I am appalled by the vague, trite and sophomoric slogans passed around today as political ideals.  

I see no reason to mess with our original American ideals as eloquently stated in The Preamble to the Constitution. Our mission today should remain is as it was over 240 years ago: to unite as a common people to:

  • Establish justice
  • Ensure tranquility
  • Provide Defense
  • Promote the General Welfare and 
  • Secure Liberty

My political ideal is responsible management of our national resources while pursuing the mission set forth in the Preamble. It is the responsibility of elected officials to run government efficiently and effectively.

Representatives must uphold both
the letter and the spirit of the Constitution
and adhere to Rule of law while
protecting life, individual liberty, and quality of living.