"Be the change you want to see in politics."

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No one, alone, can change the world.
You can only change one person - yourself
I cannot change politics but I can change how I respond to politics.

If I change, I win.
If you change, you win.
If we change, we win! 

We need 30,000 people to vote in the August 7th, 2018 Republican Primary.

Your vote. Your friends' votes. And their friends' votes.

Be The Change

If you agree with me that our political system is broken, that special interest, dark, and corporate cash are corrupting candidates, that fake information and lack of civility are tearing our country apart, you may feel powerless. You are not powerless! 
Maybe you cannot change the rigged system, but you can change how you react!
When we change they will be forced to change!

Our Game

Mobile Connect

Text “JIM” to 53445
Message and data rates may apply.
Text HELP for help and STOP to end.

Will send text messages rarely, no more than 4 per month, to announce important events. 

Our objective with text messaging is to help mobilize independent-minded people of the importance of voting in the PRIMARY!

Text 'JIM' to 53445

Primaries matter

The wealthy elite and political insiders, with big-money and hand-picked candidates, have effectively nullified voters. We choose between the lesser of two evils.

Under 10% of voters elect the primary candidate. It's an incredible opportunity for 'outsiders' like you and me. By networking with social media we can overwhelm party insiders to choose our primary 'outsider' candidate.

Primaries Matter


We believe the Court decision in "Citizens United" and Congressional inaction on ethics reform have allowed big-money in campaigns and Lobbyist influence to threaten the foundation of our government.

We are committed to our belief that campaigns should be publicly financed or at least be financed by small ($100 or less) individual contributions from district voters. 


Mailing List for newsletter

I do not believe  can change anyone's mind on anything. I believe it is immoral to use fear to manipulate people. I am ethically opposed to the use of money to buy allegiance. 

Our mailing list is people who want to change the political system and want to start in Missouri's 7th District. We are not partisan or pledged to vote to a particular candidate. 

 The newsletter highlights ideas, shares good memes, and notifies readers of events. 

I want the newsletter

Spread the word

Take away their control! Don't get angry! Don't let them turn you against your friends, family, or neighbors! Don't believe their lies! Don't believe only money wins!

Patience, respect, listening, compassion, honesty, humility, moderation, and cooperation. 

We an win using social media to mobilize 30,000 people to flashmob the Primary. You can make a difference.

Flashmob Primary