The Primary is the Main Event

The Lesser Evil

Participation in primaries is, by design, very low. Political insiders hand-pick candidates,  both "the one" and "the ringers." The insider base voters are told which candidate to support. The small turnout in a non-controversial race and use of ringers to dilute the "not chosen" vote, nearly guarantees that the insider's chosen candidate wins.

This means "outsiders," the rest of us, are left to choose between the lesser evil in the general election. It is why so many of us are disgusted and just stay home on election day.

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Flash Mob the Primary

Since voter turnout is so low in primary election, the opportunity to sway the results is tremendous. What has given the "insiders" power is their Achilles heal. By using various forms of modern internet communications "outsiders" can construct a network of friends we can mobilize to overwhelm the primary. Only 10% of registered voters are needed in this grass-roots movement to assemble a winning "flash-mob" of voters on primary election day.

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