Old School Progressive Conservative

Jim is a fifth-generation Ozarker raised in a conservative home by hard-working Depression-era parents on a small dairy farm. He graduated from Republic High School and Missouri State University, served in the Army, operated a cattle farm, taught math in local public schools, and helped launch the Missouri A+ Schools program.

Jim knows our history and cares about our future.

Jim voted straight Republican for over 20 years. He loves politics, has worked in campaigns, ran for office, never misses a vote, and has gained some notoriety for expressing what some might refer to as “robust opinions” online and in letters to the editor. 

Jim is an ideological blend. He might be described as a fiscal conservative and social liberal, but detests being boxed in and misunderstood by labeling. He watched in horror as his party morphed from Eisenhower progressive conservatism into a libertarian neo-liberalism and began to court the racist and bigot votes.

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