Five things you can do to
"turn politics on its head."

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You are my friend, not my enemy!

The wealthy elite and political insiders want us fighting among ourselves. Every day they toss "issue" bones into our cage, morsels for us to fight over. What if we decided not to fight over their "issues?" What if we decided to talk to each other?

Money in campaigns leads to
corruption in government.

The system is rigged in favor of big money. Saturation ads, mostly negative, leave voters annoyed, confused, and misinformed. 90% of the time the campaign with the most money wins. What if we rejected big-money candidates?

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The Lesser Evil

How often have you held your nose and voted for the least worst candidate, or just stayed home on election day? Your vote is meaningless in a "heads they win, tails you lose" election. 

We can "beat the system" by crashing their Party in the primary. They are expecting a 15% voter turnout of mostly establishment partisans to vote in the primary. What if an unexpected 15%, independent-minded "outsiders," showed up and voted in the primary?

The Silent Majority

The wealthy elite and political insiders own broadcast, cable, and social media when it comes to paid promotions for their candidates and agenda. 

The size and volume of their megaphone makes a mockery of "free" speech.

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Friend-to-friend networks using messaging, social media, texting, phones, and email are free and powerful.  What if we organized our own party - an election-day flashmob?

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