"Outsiders'" Power!

Our friends-to-friends networks are virtual neighborhoods. By "knocking on doors" in our neighborhoods we can connect with every voter through a personal endorsement from a friend. We can message, text, and email our friends, for free, to share our good news. Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram, texting, and other electronic media give us
marketing power much more effective than buying ads.  

3.6 Degrees of Separation

Almost all registered voters are on Facebook (just one platform). The percentages are really high among younger voters. 

Facebook analysts have run simulations to prove that any two random users in the world are separated from each other by less than four hops in their friend-to-friend network.  We are even closer on a regional bases. 


In theory,  you could connect with any other person in Southwest Missouri, if your friends check with their friends who, in turn, checked with their friends. 

If everyone participated, you could get a message to every Facebook user in the 7th District in less than 12 hours. 

"I can't talk politics with family or friends!"

How often do you hear that. Guess what, that is the strategy of "divide and conquer" politics. By creating conflict, distrust, and suspicion among friends and family, they short-circuit our ability to see the truth.

We must learn to engage politically with civil and honest discussions. We are much more alike than different. Seek out common values, common morals, and common hopes. 

Let your values and relationships guide your politics rather than letting your politics interfere with your relationships and values.