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Government Belongs to "The People"

Populism is a fundamental American ideal that common folk like you and I have the right and the responsibility to control our government rather than be controlled by small group of political insiders and wealthy elite. 

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The class-warfare and partisan conflicts resulting from fake news and political propaganda have caused us to believe we are each other's enemy. That's exactly what they want. In the confusion, as we blame each other and fight among ourselves, they  strengthen their hold on power and widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots.  

Our Constitution was crafted for "We The People." We still have free speech and the right to vote. Yes, "Citizens United" strips power from the people by allowing unlimited and unrestricted campaign spending by the wealthy elite. Yes, gerrymandering and voter restrictions are aiding suppression by a minority. But we have our Constitutional rights and the power of social media. We can reclaim our Republic.