Why Green and Gold?

I am everything but a traditional candidate!

Political Tribes.jpg

NO RED: I'm running as a Republican. I have conservative ideals and Republican roots. But today's Republican Party agenda and conservative talking points are a radical departure from my idea of conservatism. They have lost their heart and soul.


NO BLUE: For the most recent 20 years I have supported and voted mostly Democratic. But today's Democratic party has abandoned people in order to court Wall Street donors and Hollywood celebrities.  They too have lost their heart and soul.


NO PURPLE:  I heard someone liken compromising with the radical extremes to suggesting we kill 500 kittens when one side wants to kill 1000 kittens and the other side wants to kill no kittens. With most of the partisan issues there is no acceptable middle ground.  There are three sides, the left side, the right side, and the truth. Blending red and blue is not an option. The sides have not only lost their hearts and souls, they've lost their minds. 

COLOR WHEEL: On the color wheel green and yellow are opposite red and blue. That is where I stand today; opposite both parties. The two major parties seem to have lost interest in the people. It has become a political-insiders struggle for power with the wealthy elite betting on both sides against the people. So, I chose green and yellow as an anti-establishment candidate.

But there are other reasons.

Green & Gold.jpg

Green is the color of life and growth. It reflects my progressive ideals that it is better to cultivate change than to try to resist the inevitable. 

Green is associated with nature and reminds me of our responsibility to be good stewards of creation.

Gold is the color of the sun. It is associated with energy, light, and warmth.