A Plan for Outsiders


I’m a candidate for “outsiders” - those who feel like they have no voice or their vote doesn’t matter; those who want ethics, civility, and authenticity in politics and their government.

This platform seeks to address concerns from the outsiders’ perspective.

The divisive and deceptive language of partisan politics is avoided. Instead, I try to take a refreshingly non-partisan, non-extreme approach to identifying and analyzing problems.

THE ISSUE is not the issues. 

THE ISSUE is the broken political system.

A political platform must be built on a solid footing of values, principles, and ideals. 
Unfortunately people let political propaganda shape their values and beliefs. It's a kind of backward thinking that I want to avoid.

The values, principles and ideals that are the underpinning of my platform include fairness, honesty, civility, and participation. My political ideals are well stated in the Preamble to the Constitution. To the best of my ability, my platform honors both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution.