Individual Liberty

Americans cherish their freedom. We expect our government to respect and protect our freedom. Government will not infringe on a person's liberty, or by inaction allow a person's liberty to be infringed. We want government to protect our freedom of expression, religion, assemblage, and our right to own, to maintain privacy, to travel, and to receive justice. 

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I believe we have a social contract to respect each other's liberty. Every right comes with a responsibility. I cannot expect you to honor my  rights if I do not honor yours. I believe our government must serve as a referee with laws that protect individual liberty from any would-be oppressor.  What good is a declaration of liberty if there is nothing to secure liberty?

I believe there are many rights both explicit and implicit that we take for granted but should be fighting to secure. I believe there are rights we believe we have that are being taken away bit by bit.

Whose Liberty?

How should rights be allocated? Does the color of someone's skin, his religion, economic class, education, position, gender, weight, health, disability, or sexual orientation give him greater or lesser rights? I don't think so! Our founding fathers set a mission to "Establish Justice." I believe in fairness, in ensuring every individual is treated equally under the law. We should reevaluate any law or policy that respects privilege or discrimination.  

Property Rights?


Corporations, businesses, land, and bank accounts are property, not persons.
Property does not have rights and rights are not property.

Individual rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness must not be infringed by government. Equally important, is that government protect our individual rights from any that seek to control us against their will.  An individual cannot be coerced into giving up rights to another by threat or by offer of money.

When government "allows" an institution to infringe on freedom, it is no different than government itself taking away those rights. 

The greatest threat to freedom in America today is the marriage of money and politics that capitalizes freedom turning life, liberty, and happiness into commodities with a price.