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No Chance!

I'd love to win and have a shot at doing politics right. I'd fight for the little guy, "outsiders" like me. I'd fight corruption and try to bring honor, decency, and respect to Congress. But politics is only for the political insiders and the wealthy elite, and I have no desire to join the ranks of such.  

If people decide they want my brand of non-partisan forthright politician and by some miracle elect me, great.
But whatever the outcome, I promise I will:

  • Represent you - I'm no expert and I don't trust other politicians, the news, think tanks, or lobbyists to give me accurate information. I would trust local experts and local citizens to help me find the best answers.
  • Be honest - I will never purposely deceive you or knowingly pass on false information. If I accidently misinform, and it is brought to my attention, I will apologize and correct my mistake. 
  • Mind my manners - I will show respect and dignity for my office and the people I represent. I will never compromise our values, ethics, and principles while serving.
  • Build community - I will work to bring people together to find the best solutions for our common problems. There will be no "sides," and all people and all opinions will be invited to the table. I want cooperation, not conflict. I'm on the "side" of truth, facts, reason, and compassion.
  • Fight corruption - Sunlight is the enemy of immoral, unethical, and illegal activities.  There are many more good people than bad people. I will work to build a culture where those who reveal corruption and misconduct are rewarded rather than punished.

Be the change you want