Those who fail to advocate for the freedom of others will soon lose their own.

I'm running for US Congress in the Republican Primary. I believe, now more than ever, I must assert that I am a staunch advocate for my many friends, relatives, and others in the LGBT community. 

I'll give political justification for my support for the LGBT community, but the truth is, it is my heart, not my head, that guides me on this issue. I've seen too many great, loving, and kind people whom I deeply care about treated unfairly. I will do everything I can to put an end to the bigotry, hate, bullying, and discrimination directed toward them.

I strongly believe in the principle that "Government will not harm a human or through inaction allow a human to be harmed!" I will fight any legislation that harms LGBT people even if such legislation is disguised as "protecting freedom." There is no rational reason to single out LGBT people and religious exceptions are bogus and violate the First Amendment. Government's duty is to protect us from harm, not provide cover for those who would do us harm.

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